2014 Projected Prices
Wheat- $6.73  
Corn- $4.62  vol  0.19
Soybeans- $11.36  vol 0.13 
Grain Sorghum- $4.46  vol  0.19

2014 Harvest 
Corn- $3.49
Soybeans- $9.65
Grain Sorghum- $3.37
Wheat- 8.57 volatility- .25

2015 Projected Prices
$5.93 vol .19


Goldinger Insurance Services

Crop Insurance Information

      Important Dates

Projected Price Discovery
Corn- Feb 1 thru Feb 28
Soybeans- Feb 1 thru Feb 28
Grain Sorghum- Feb1 thru Feb 28
Wheat- Aug 15 thru Sept 14

Harvest Price Discovery
- Oct 1 thru Oct 31
Soybeans- Oct 1 thru Oct 31
Grain Sorghum- Oct 1 thru Oct 31
Wheat- July 1 thru July 31

Sales Closing
Spring Crops-
 March 15th
Wheat- September 30th
Pasture Rangeland & Forage- Nov. 15th

End fo the Insurance Period
-All calims must be reported-
December 10th
Production Reports 
Spring Crops- 
April 29th                             
Fall Crops-  November 14th

Acreage Reports
Spring Crops-  July 15th
Wheat-  November 30th
Pasture Rangeland & Forage-  Nov. 15th

Planting Dates
Earliest Plan Date- Corn-
April 5th
Earliest Plant Date- Soybeans- April 20th

Final Plant Date- Corn  May 31st
Final Plant Date- Soybeans  June 20th
Final Plant Date- Grain Sorghum  June 20th
Final Plant Date- Wheat  October 31th

Premium Billing- August 15th

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